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“Sentient of Death”

“Sentient of Death”

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Lamination (Highly Recommended)

What is Lamination?

• UV liquid coating applied after printing
• Adds 10-12% glossy/shiny effect
• Adds 10 years to artwork's longevity
• Enhances brightness & vibrancy
• Protects it from the dust & moisture
(Only Applies to Canvases, Not Metal or Acrylic Products)


• Poly-cotton canvas material
• Thickness: 0.75 Inch
• Ready to hang
• Latex inks for crisp and vibrant textured prints
• Wrinkle-free, superior texture, and long-lasting quality

Size Chart

Size Chart

The Sentient of Death is a mysterious entity that is said to have existed since the dawn of time. It is known as the harbinger of death, and is believed to be the embodiment of death itself. It is said to possess immense power and knowledge with capabilities of transversing through the planes of the living and the dead.

The Sentient of Death is known to reside primarily in the realm of the dead, and is said to be able to summon the spirits of the dead to do its bidding. It is said that those who encounter the Sentient of Death should be prepared to face their own mortality, as it is a force to be reckoned with and a true nightmare for any enemy.

The Sentient of Death is feared throughout the universes, and it is said that it only appears when the balance of life and death is disturbed. It is believed that it will continue to exist until the end of time, and that it will always be a force to be reckoned with.

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