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"Guardian of Realms: Gatekeeper of the Planes"

"Guardian of Realms: Gatekeeper of the Planes"

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Lamination (Highly Recommended)

What is Lamination?

• UV liquid coating applied after printing
• Adds 10-12% glossy/shiny effect
• Adds 10 years to artwork's longevity
• Enhances brightness & vibrancy
• Protects it from the dust & moisture
(Only Applies to Canvases, Not Metal or Acrylic Products)


• Poly-cotton canvas material
• Thickness: 0.75 Inch
• Ready to hang
• Latex inks for crisp and vibrant textured prints
• Wrinkle-free, superior texture, and long-lasting quality

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Size Chart

"The Guardian of Realms" is a powerful entity that is believed to watch over and protect the different realms of existence. It is said to possess immense power and knowledge, and to be able to traverse the different realms with ease.

According to legend, the Guardian of Realms is an ancient being that has existed for eons, and has always been present to protect the balance and order of the realms. It is said that the Guardian is a benevolent being, who acts to preserve the peace and stability of the realms, and to prevent any harm or chaos from arising.

The Guardian of Realms is said to dwell in a mystical realm that is beyond the reach of impuremortals, and is only accessible to those who have earned its favor. It is believed that the Guardian is able to communicate with those who are worthy, and may offer guidance or assistance to those in need.

Many cultures have different stories and beliefs about the Guardian of Realms. Some believe that it is a god-like being, while others see it as a spirit or a powerful force of nature. Regardless of the specific beliefs, the Guardian of Realms is considered a powerful and benevolent entity that is always watching over the realms, and is ready to act when needed.

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