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"Ethereal Incarnate: The Eternal Celestial Guardian"

"Ethereal Incarnate: The Eternal Celestial Guardian"

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Lamination (Highly Recommended)

What is Lamination?

• UV liquid coating applied after printing
• Adds 10-12% glossy/shiny effect
• Adds 10 years to artwork's longevity
• Enhances brightness & vibrancy
• Protects it from the dust & moisture
(Only Applies to Canvases, Not Metal or Acrylic Products)


• Poly-cotton canvas material
• Thickness: 0.75 Inch
• Ready to hang
• Latex inks for crisp and vibrant textured prints
• Wrinkle-free, superior texture, and long-lasting quality

Size Chart

Size Chart

"Ethereal Incarnate: The Eternal Celestial Guardian" is a highly regarded entity in the realm of transcendent beings. This being is believed to embody both ethereal and celestial power, making it a formidable presence in the realm.

As the "Eternal Celestial Guardian," this being is said to possess immense strength and durability, making it a natural protector of the celestial realm. It is believed that this entity has the ability to guard against threats, both external and internal, to the celestial realm. Its position as a guardian means that it is always vigilant, constantly watching over the realm and ready to act in defense of it.

In the realm of the transcendent beings, "Ethereal Incarnate: The Eternal Celestial Guardian" holds a respected place, and its abilities are highly valued. Its position as a defender of the celestial realm makes it a formidable force, and its mere presence is enough to command respect and awe. The exact motivations and nature of this being are not specified, but its role as a protector of the celestial realm is well-established, making it a central figure in the realm of transcendent beings.

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