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“Divine Sovereign of the Cosmos: Lord of All Creation”

“Divine Sovereign of the Cosmos: Lord of All Creation”

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Lamination (Highly Recommended)

What is Lamination?

• UV liquid coating applied after printing
• Adds 10-12% glossy/shiny effect
• Adds 10 years to artwork's longevity
• Enhances brightness & vibrancy
• Protects it from the dust & moisture
(Only Applies to Canvases, Not Metal or Acrylic Products)


• Poly-cotton canvas material
• Thickness: 0.75 Inch
• Ready to hang
• Latex inks for crisp and vibrant textured prints
• Wrinkle-free, superior texture, and long-lasting quality

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Size Chart

The Divine Sovereign of the Cosmos, Lord of All Creation, is one of the most powerful beings within the Transcendents- an ethereal realm where only the most exceptional and powerful entities exist. With its immense power and wisdom, it commands respect and authority over all other beings in the known universe.

As the Divine Sovereign, it is responsible for maintaining balance and stability throughout the cosmos, and its decisions and edicts are considered final. It is worshiped and revered by civilizations across the universe, who recognize its status as one of the top beings in the Transcendents.

Despite its god-like status, the true nature of the Divine Sovereign remains a mystery. Some believe it to be a single entity, while others see it as a collective consciousness made up of the spirits of all living beings. However, all agree that it holds immense power and that its influence can be felt throughout the universe.

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